Campus Counselor

T R R F C C Students can use this acronym to help them remember that people with good character are terrific:

T rustworthiness - 1st 6 weeks

R espect - 2nd 6 weeks

R esponsibility - 3rd 6 weeks

F airness - 4th 6 weeks

C aring - 5th 6 weeks

C itizenship - 6th 6 weeks

Hello! Welcome!

If you need to reach Mrs. Hammond

please call 325-648-3055

or email her at

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Youth Mental Health
What is a "LUNCH BUNCH?"

Mrs. Hammond has begun lunch bunch meetings for this school year!

The counseling program at Goldthwaite Elementary is designed to be preventative and developmental. In addition to working with students in the classroom setting, skills are also taught in small groups.

The lunch bunches meet once a week for four weeks. It provides students with a ‘safe’ environment where they can talk freely about their accomplishments, ideas, concerns, and stories. The groups are geared towards fostering friendships and developing positive relations among students.